Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are unique in that they can be seen from both sides of the house.
Whenever you drive up to your house, or a neighbor drives by, you can’t help but notice how the doors and windows fit into the overall design, look and feel of your home. This is sometimes done on a conscious level, but it is always done on a sub-conscious level. You just can’t help but notice the doors and windows. So, you need to ask yourself, are you happy with how the design of the doors and windows fit the overall design of your house, or would you prefer another style, shape or size? And the interesting thing about the doors and windows of your house is that you look at them from both te inside and the outside. Therefore, they have a greater impact on you than you would think.

With so many doors and windows to choose from, it would be most helpful to consult a window and door expert, someone who is experienced at helping you to look at the big picture and guide you to the best fit for your home. It would also be helpful to work with a company that has tremendous experience and expertise in all areas of home remodeling, from second story additions to landscaping, stonework, and kitchen and bath remodeling, because the chances are that once you replace the doors and windows, something else will need to get done. It would be helpful to develop an ongoing relationship with the whole house renovation experts at The Sudbury Companies, of which Sudbury Construction is a division.

Sudbury Construction Company has been installing doors and windows in houses for more than 30 years. We have handled hundreds of shapes, sizes and models. We can guide you to the products that are the most energy efficient as well, thereby saving hundreds of dollars every year on your home heating bill.

If you are thinking of replacing the doors and windows on your home, speak to the experts in whole house renovation at Sudbury Construction Company. Simply fill out the form on this page and send it in, or call us at 1-800-EAGLE34 and put our considerable expertise to work for you.