Porches & Decks

The porches and decks on a home are very unique because they can have an allure that stands apart from the house itself. How many times have you visited a friend’s home that is somewhat small but has a deck attached that is very impressive? You cannot help but leave that home with a positive impression and, know it or not, the deck is at the center of the opinion you have formed. The converse is also true. There are homes (probably not many of them) where the house itself is magnificent in almost every sense, but the deck or porch is in such a state of disrepair that it is all you can think of. Your entire inner image of that house changes because the deck or porch as made such a negative impact.

At Sudbury Construction Company, we understand that a deck or porch is actually an extension of your living space; it is a space that can produce as many happy memories and host as many functions as your kitchen or family room can. We know you want more from a deck than planks of wood, and more from a porch than a seasonal sitting room. You want an outdoor area that can provide a space to relax, give you an area that you can entertain your guests, and provide an increase to the value of your home, all at the same time.

We are expert builders of maintenance-free decks in addition to traditional deck layouts and arrangements. Our structures feature composite decking materials, like Trex Deck materials and vinyl railings, which are incredibly durable and perfectly suited to the sometimes harsh and ever-changing New England weather.

When we construct an enclosed porch, we design it for multi-season use, and often for four-season functionality. By including simple elements like detachable windows, your porch can serve as a relaxing, breeze-swept escape from the hot summer sun or a naturally lit enclosed living room in the colder months. To see some of our finished porch and deck renovations, visit our online photo gallery today.

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