Exterior Renovations

The exterior of your home is the first thing you see when your drive up to your house. After a long day at work or an equally laborious day taking care of the young ones, doing the grocery shopping or running the endless household errands, you want to drive up to your house and see it as the place you call home in your heart.

Exterior design and construction is a combination of building and landscaping aesthetics and attention to detail that leaves you with a feeling of congruence, like everything goes together in a sensible manner. You do not need to have a multi-million dollar home with a staff of groundskeepers and privately employed handymen to enjoy a certain feeling of pride when you drive up to your house. What’s better is that if you feel good when you come home, the neighbors can’t help but notice as well.

It is one of the world’s best kept secrets (something we would not like to be a secret anymore) that The Sudbury Companies are experts at creating exterior builds of any type for any client. From hardscapes and stone work to landscape design, driveway paving, roofing, vinyl siding, and creating additions that fit the exterior landscape so well that they look like they have been there all along, The Sudbury Companies are the best choice for exterior renovations you could possibly make for your home. In fact, The Sudbury companies began as a landscaping company when Ed Freedlender wis still a student at Boston College.

Call The Sudbury companies today at 978-443-8288 for any exterior renovation project you are thinking about doing. Or fill out the contact form on this page and put the exterior renovation experts to work for you.